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Today is Vijayadashami, the main day of Dashain

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KATHMANDU: OCT. 15 – Today, on the main day of Durgapaksha, Vijayadashami festival is being celebrated with great fanfare. Prof. Shrikrishna Adhikari, Chairman of the Nepal Panchang Adjudicating Committee, informed that it is auspicious to immerse the Goddess at 8:19 am and vaccinate at 10:02 am on the day of Vijayadashami.

He said that the best time of the day was at 10:02 am, even though there’s a time to offer offerings to the goddess on the day of Vijayadashami. “As it is very important to vaccinate after immersing the goddess, there is no need to wait for the time of 10:02 am. If there is a situation where it is not possible to wait until the immersion of the goddess, it is necessary to immerse the goddess after sunrise,” said Chairman Adhikari.

As the timing of the time given by the committee is effective, the committee has called for preparing the vaccine at the same time. For those who can’t, there is no problem getting tika on the morning of Vijayadashami from the morning until all the items worshiped for the entire sacrifice are consumed. For those coming from abroad, even after completing all the sacrifices, the offerings can be left and can put a tika till the day of Kojagrat Purnima. The committee has stated that the person seeking tika should return to the east as he/she is in Capricorn on the day of Vijayadashami. When the wearer returns to the west, he/she is right on the Moon in Capricorn. There is a classical belief that tika should be done by facing the moon to the right or in front.

On the morning of Vijayadashami, the goddess is immersed by worshiping Nawa Durga again and worshiping four goddesses including Jaya, Vijaya, Ajita and Aparajita. On the day of Vijayadashami, yellow jamara is used instead of other flowers as a symbol of prosperity. The jamara kept on the day of Ghatsthapana is used today as an offering of Nawa Durga. There is a Vedic orthodox tradition of anointing with a full urn and placing red tika and jamara as an offering to Nawa Durga. Some castes and sects, on the other hand, celebrate Vijayadashami today with the tika of white akshata.

There is classical evidence of the tradition of celebrating the festival of Dashain as the victory of divine power over truth and demonic power over untruth. Under this festival, on the occasion of Navratri, after reciting the hymns of Durga Saptashati Chandi and Bhagwati every day for nine days from Ghatsthapana to various Temple and in the Dashain house, the offerings are offered on Kojagrat Purnima till all the sacrifices are completed.

It is customary to worship Durga Bhawani in Dashain house for nine days and apply the tika for five days from today. After the immersion of the goddess in the worship room and Dashain house, the goddess is immersed in water and anointed with a full jug of water.

Nowadays, in the family, blessings are taken from the elders, grandparents, parents, Guru Purohits and devotees to get Nawa Durga Bhawani’s Tika, Jamra and Prasad from them so that they may attain fame, prosperity and longevity.