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Anju Budhathoki became the winner of the Dashain Queen-2078

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KATHMANDU: OCT. 13 – Anju Budhathoki has become the winner of the Dashain Queen-2078 BS held in Kathmandu.

Similarly, first runner-up beautician Geeta Magar and second runner-up beautician Sirjana Kunwar have been selected. In the program jointly organized by Lions Club of Kathmandu Campaign and Rose Skill Development Training Center Ravi Bhawan, the winners received gifts including crowns, trophies and Maya’s Chino.

Lion Reshma Shrestha, Lion Dhanu Sinjali Magar, Gelmu Sherpa Budhathoki, Harikrishna Giri, Sundar Thapa lyricist Sabitra Chiluwal were among the guests at the Dashain Queen-078 held under the chairmanship of senior beautician Soni Karanjit.

Choreographer and journalist Jayan Subba Manandhar and director-artist Surya Chand selected the winners in the final of the Dashain Queen-2078 BS.

The Lions Club of Kathmandu campaign also lauded the good work done in a short period of time. The program was conducted by singer and television presenter Bishnu Maya Poudel.