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Let’s pay attention to health during festivals

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KATHMANDU: OCT. 13 – Experts have suggested that we should pay special attention to health as soon as the festival begins. They have urged to celebrate the festival by taking care of the food as there is special emphasis on food than other times.

Dashain is also called the festival of food. There is also a tradition of meeting relatives and eating sweet, delicate, new things and having fun. Dr. Sher Bahadur Punan, a communicable disease specialist and head of the clinical research unit at Teku Hospital, has suggested that special attention be paid to food even if it is a food festival and the health condition deteriorates.

Dr. Pun said that even if it is eaten in a controlled manner at other times, it can sometimes cause problems due to uncontrolled eating during the festive season. He said that there is a possibility of getting a contagious disease. “If a lot of people are not eating healthy food, they are eating stale food prepared many days ago and if the water is not clean, then diarrhea can spread,” he said.

Therefore, Dr. Pun has urged to pay attention to food. And there are many such examples, he said. It is customary to eat sour, pungent, sweet, greasy, spicy foods that are sweet. He says it also affects different types of people. More and more people are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, uric acid, and gastric problems.

Recently, people with various problems have been found to have such problems in almost every household, Pun said. In such cases, patients with high salty food pressure have to go to the hospital and diabetic patients with diabetes have been asked to pay attention to this. He says he suffers from uric acid and other joint pains as he eats a lot of meat at this time.

He also said that those who already have stomach problems eat a lot of new foods without knowing their disease. There is a situation of diarrhea and vomiting after food poisoning. He thinks that one should pay attention to food during the festive season, but he suggests taking precautions as eating too much food can ruin one’s health.

Since alcohol is also used in Nepali culture during festivals, people may say yes one day and eating too much may affect their health. Alcohol is also not considered good for various diseases. Dr. Pun also said that people get together and eat a lot of food and eat the same food for many days. He said that it is necessary to pay attention as stomach problems are more visible at such times.