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1,600 people recommended for caregiver job in Isarel

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KATHMANDU: SEPT. 26 – The names of 1,600 people have been recommended for sending to the long-term care centres of Israel in accordance with the labour agreement inked between the Government of Nepal and the Government of Israel.

The Department of Foreign Employment selected them based on the written examination and interview.

The Embassy of Israel in Nepal had urged the government to recommend 1,600 candidates (70 per cent female and 30 per cent male) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the caregiver jobs.

One thousand eight hundred and three persons had applied for the job. Of them, the applicants whose educational qualification and training certificate could not be verified were barred from sitting in the written examination and the interview.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Israel showed interest in opening its job market to Nepalis after the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the governments of the two countries two years back.

Six thousand 317 persons had attended the written examination administered by the Department. Of them, 2,0239 passed the exam.

The Ministry said 1,000 persons will go to Israel for taking up the job as per the agreement.


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