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What is the disease of white butterfly and how to avoid it?

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KATHMANDU: SEPT. 24 – Outbreaks of seasonal hyperactive pan-uveitis are more prevalent in Nepal, especially from August to November.

According to Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Seasonal hyperacute panuveitis (SHAPU) is an infection that affects all three letters inside the eye.

White butterfly hair and its reaction to nitric oxide and potassium cyanide cause damage to the eyes. He says that this is a problem of a more complex nature as it can lead to loss of vision.

Presented by Gani Ansari of BBC News Nepali, who is also the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population. Interview with Krishna Prasad Poudel:

In which area of ​​Nepal do you see more curses?

Nepali ophthalmologists including Dr Madan Upadhyaya have found the problem of SHAPU disease in Nepal for the first time around 2032 BS.

The risk is higher in the central hills. This was especially the case in Pokhara, Syangja and the surrounding areas. Even now, we have received reports of many patients coming to the Himalayan Eye Hospital in Pokhara.

Many patients have come to the eye hospital in Bhairahawa, especially in Palpa. Some patients of SHAPU have also been seen in Kathmandu. In that sense, the risk is everywhere.


Which age group is most affected?

It can affect people of all age groups. But the biggest problem is with the youth and children.

After that age, the complications will last for a long time. The more expensive it gets, the more difficult it becomes. In that sense, everyone needs to be aware.

What should be done for prevention?

The more complicated the treatment, the more likely it is to have complications.

In that sense, the first thing we need to do for prevention and control is to not let the children play and read around because the butterflies are flickering in the white light. Other members of the household did not eat or sleep under the white light.


Similarly, windows and doors should be closed or closed to prevent white butterflies from entering the house. In some houses, the lights are on the bed. There is a risk of the white butterfly falling into the eye while extinguishing it. Therefore, if mosquitoes are used during this time, mosquitoes and white butterflies can also be avoided.

What is the treatment?

It is treated by ophthalmologists or specialists. If the treatment is done by injecting the medicine inside the eye, in case of a complicated case, surgery has to be done.

Therefore, if treated in time, vision can be saved. Otherwise, vision may be lost or the eyes may become dry.

How to find out if you have SHAPU disease and when to go to the hospital?

When most of the eyes are red, we say that the eyes are ripe. When that happens, it feels slippery. But if the eye is red, sore, sore, and not chipped, then the curse should be suspected.

Also, it is difficult to see with the naked eye. When a small child could not speak, he had to be suspicious of crying and behaving in a sad manner.

If it is a little late, white spots may appear on the pupil of the eye. You should go to the eye hospital as soon as the symptoms appear. Treatment should be done as per the advice of the doctor.



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