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Police’s claim on Sankhuwasabha massacre changed, what did they say before, what do they say now?

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BIRATNAGAR: SEPT. 20 – Police have made different claims regarding the murder of six members of the same family in Kholagaun of Madi Municipality-1 of Sankhuwasabha. The District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha has made public the names of four more people arrested on the charge of being involved in the incident on Monday. Police have identified 47-year-old Khadga Bahadur Karki as the mastermind of the incident. Earlier, the police had arrested Lok Bahadur Karki and claimed that he was the main accused and that he had killed six people.

Police said earlier that no sharp weapon was used in the incident, adding that a cardamom picking knife was used in the murder at a press conference on Monday. Earlier, it was said that only Lok Bahadur was involved in the incident. Now, four more people have been arrested and not only have they been made public. Although they have been arrested for their involvement in the investigation, the police have changed their statements before and now.

On Monday (today) police have claimed that they were stabbed in the incident. Earlier, police said that they were killed not with a sharp object but with a wooden stick. According to the police, Lok Bahadur had confessed to the murder by stabbing them.

According to police on Monday, a group of five people killed them and a plan for an incident was done at Lok Bahadur Karki’s house.

According to police on Monday, the incident took place at Lok Bahadur Karki’s house. Police Inspector Subhash Adhikari of the District Police Office Sankhuwasabha claimed that five persons, including Khadga Bahadur Karki, had planned the murder at 8 pm the night before the incident.

Separate teams were deployed from the District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha, State Police Office, Biratnagar and Central Bureau of Investigation, Kathmandu to investigate the incident. State Police Chief DIG Arun Kumar BC himself reached the spot and returned only a few days later. In the second week of the return of the team including the DIG and the CIB team, the District Police Office has made public the details of the incident and the nature of the murder.

Along with Khadga Bahadur, 47, police on Monday identified Hasta Bahadur Karki, 28, Ran Bahadur Karki, 49, and Naresh Karki, 17.

Earlier, on Sept. 12 police have arrested Lok Bahadur Karki made public for killing 84-year-old Parbati Karki, her 55-year-old son Tej Kumar Karki, 54-year-old daughter-in-law Manmaya Karki, 32-year-old granddaughter Ranjana Karki, 8-year-old grandson Bipin Karki and 5-year-old granddaughter Goma Karki. The police claimed that he had killed everyone.

According to the police, the investigation has revealed that Tej Kumar Karki came to Lok Bahadur’s house in the morning to call a farmer on the morning of the incident and planned to kill Tej Kumar and Kamala Karki. Police have also claimed that they have planned to kill Tej Kumar and take away his belongings if other members of the family find out that he was killed.

Here is the nature of the event:

On the day of the incident, it was already decided that Khadga Bahadur Karki, Hasta Bahadur Karki, Lok Bahadur Karki and Naresh Karki would also go to the field of the deceased. According to the plan, Khadga Bahadur Karki went to Tej Kumar’s house at 5 am in the morning to make sure that the deceased Tej Kumar Karki would come in the morning. Khadga Bahadur and Hasta Bahadur were sitting at the back of the house when they saw Tej Kumar returning home after urging him to go to Lok Bahadur’s house. Police said that he was found in a state of readiness during the investigation.

The deceased Tej Kumar went to Lok Bahadur’s house at 5 am in the morning to confirm the farmers. Lok Bahadur woke up after shouting, ‘Lok Bahadur’s brother Naresh Karki and his father Rana Bahadur Karki are also at home,’ police said. On his way back from the house, Lok Bahadur gestured to his brother Naresh and grabbed Tej Kumar’s head near the tree at the back of the house. According to the District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha, Khadga Bahadur and Hasta Bahadur attacked Tej Kumar with a piece of wood and Hasta Bahadur stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife.

Police claimed that Lok Bahadur had attacked Kamala Karki after Tej Kumar’s wife and daughter-in-law came to the spot.

Police claim that Lok Bahadur attacked Kamala Karki, Tej Kumar’s wife and daughter-in-law came to the spot after hearing that the deceased saying, “don’t kill me.” Police claim that Ranjana, the daughter-in-law, was thrown into the river by the Naresh and killed by Khadga Bahadur, Lok Bahadur and Hasta Bahadur.

Police said that Ran Bahadur and Naresh had helped in transporting the body of Ranjana to the place where Kamala’s body was found. It is seen that Hasta Bahadur and Lok Bahadur killed minors Bipin and Goma by closing their mouths and beating them to death.

Hasta Bahadur grabbed 84-year-old Parbati Karki while she was undressing corn in the house and took her to the backyard. After being taken there, Lok Bahadur killed Parbati by hitting her on the head and neck.

It has been revealed from the police investigation that Khadga Bahadur and his son Hasta Bahadur returned home after killing them. On the way back, Ranjana’s mobile phone was taken away by Naresh and it was found that he switched it off and hid it in a cave under the house, police said.

During the investigation, the police found that Khadga Bahadur and his son Hasta Bahadur, who had left Lok Bahadur’s house, had returned to the same house. Lok Bahadur has been advised to take charge as he is also taking psychiatric drugs, police said in a statement.


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