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Sri Lanka’s death toll from COVID-19 virus reaches 4,099

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COLOMBO: JULY 26 – Sri Lanka has recorded 4,099 deaths from COVID-19 after 45 deaths were reported a day earlier, statistics from the Health Ministry showed on Monday.

According to the ministry, 296,516 positive cases had been recorded in the country since the first local patient was detected in March last year while the current active patient count was 24,860.

The Health Ministry said that the Delta variant which was fast spreading in the country had been the reason for the sudden increase in deaths and new patients in recent weeks.

“It is of absolute importance that every individual above 60 years of age gets vaccinated irrespective of the preferred vaccine. In addition, people above 30 should also get their vaccine without hesitation,” said Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena.

He further said that a total of 68 cases of the Delta variant had been detected in Sri Lanka so far.



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