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Supreme Court has meddled in political topic: PM Oli

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KATHMANDU: JULY 13 – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has opined that the Supreme Court has tried to deal a blow to the party system by meddling in the political topic through excessive judicial activism.

The Prime Minister said this in his address to the nation today. He said the destination could not be reached by ‘laying hands in’ sometimes what he called topics which had not been demanded at all, referring to the Supreme Court’s verdict on Monday.

“The players are responsible for playing the game. But when the referee himself/herself has the desire to play the game, then it creates a problem. The party system has been dealt a blow by the court’s decision. Attempts have been made to amend the constitution. A situation has been created in which people’s faith in the State organs would be lost and a sense of despondency would come in the people which might bring frightening consequences,” PM Oli said.

The Supreme Court’s verdict on Monday has reinstated the House of Representatives and Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba has been appointed the Prime Minister today itself.

Prime Minister Oli, on the last day in office, recalled that he had exited from the government before this also but again reached the government’s leadership through people’s vote. Stating that sometimes there is a contradiction between people’s aspirations and the parliamentary numbers, he said now contradictions were seen in the decision of the other bodies of the State as well.

“I have unwavering faith in the people. This is not the end. I am not at all concerned because I am leaving the government. I pursued development in an unprecedented manner with a new vision and with all sincerity keeping the welfare and service of the country and the people in mind,” PM Oli stressed.

According to the PM, the government has become successful in carrying out effective works in controlling the pandemic even in adverse situations. “I need not publicize the works here. We have to work for the country and the people. I will shoulder that responsibility no matter where I am,” he asserted.

‘Journey towards prosperity moving ahead along with pandemic control’

PM Oli said his government has continued with the journey of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ along with prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic through restraint, alertness, and self-confidence.

He said although the various waves of the coronavirus pandemic dealt a serious blow to the journey of prosperity, the journey had to be continued forward without being dejected.

PM Oli reiterated that all the citizens would be administered the vaccines free of cost as efforts were on to bring the vaccine against COVID-19 despite its shortage throughout the world.

Achievements made in nationality, development, and prosperity in spite of non-cooperation

The Prime Minister said the present government has worked in favor of nationality, development, and prosperity even amid ‘non-cooperation and attack from all sides.

He made it clear that the government has expedited physical infrastructure development and strengthened federalism through the implementation of the new constitution during this period despite the non-cooperation from those within (the party) to the government and the tendency to only make negative comments while not publicizing the achievements made.

Expressing condolences over the death of those who lost their lives to the coronavirus pandemic and the recent floods and landslides, PM Oli said the government has made arrangements for providing free medical treatment to those who are sick and injured. He added that the government has moved forward with clear plans and programs for reconstruction, construction of other infrastructures, and for social development.

He also drew the attention of all towards what he called the serious conspiracies to make the country unsuccessful by creating discord and conflict in the nation when what was required is to work for controlling the pandemic and the nation’s development without wasting any time as the country is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stating that although it was not necessary to become despondent and irritated, he said the outcome and the consequences of the Supreme Court’s Monday verdict would be seen in the coming days. He alleged that attempts have been made to take the politics in the opposite direction instead of carrying out works towards the consolidation of national sovereignty and the country’s independence.

PM Oli said he wished for a successful remaining term of the House of Representatives and that the general election is held on time. He said a question has arisen whether the rule of law and democracy would be undermined.

Recalling that he has spent seven decades working for democracy, PM and the UML parliamentary party leader Oli said he has not conceived of using any ‘inappropriate unpolitical gimmicks’ except politics.

“There is no other topic in my heart and mind other than the country’s sovereignty, independence, security, development, good governance, building civilized society and prosperity with social justice,” PM Oli said, adding that he had no other personal interest other than the promotion of the democratic system and a matching honest resolve required for making Nepal beautiful and prosperous.

“I consider the people as empowered whenever I join the government or exit from it. However, today I am ousted by the orders of the court. My hope and commitment towards democracy and my love for the country and the people will not be weakened.”