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Decreased Corona infection rate in Baglung ‚Decreased hospital admissions

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BAGLUNG: JUNE 10 – A month ago, the condition of Dhaulagiri Hospital was critical. Isolation bed full of Corona infected. Extreme lack of oxygen. Serious patient stress in ICU. Infections die daily.

Seeing the scene of the hospital, it seemed that the condition of Corona infection in the district is dire. Now the situation seems to have gradually improved. The number of hospital visits has decreased after the infection. Serious illnesses are also rare. “In the last one week, half of the infected people have been hospitalized,” Chief Physician Shailendra BK Pokhrel said, “Up to 35/40 people should have been treated in isolation daily. At present, the number is around 15/20.”

A total of 13 infected people are being treated at the hospital on Wednesday. Two of them are in ICU. The pressure in the cell is also reduced after the critical illness subsides. Three ICU beds are now vacant. “We had a difficult time from the end of April to the second week of June,” Chief Physician Pokharel said, “Something is comfortable now, infection and mortality are also declining.”

He said that the situation would worsen if the prevention and control measures were not taken and the people did not follow the health standards.

The hospital has moved ahead with infrastructure and managerial preparations in view of a possible third transition. Chairman of the Hospital Management Committee KV Rana Magar said that coordination has been made with the Gandaki state government and other stakeholders to set up a separate isolation room for the children. He said that the hospital needs additional human resources, medical equipment / materials and physical infrastructure.

The hospital is struggling with epidemics due to shortage of doctors, health workers and technicians. Even being a sub-provincial level hospital lacks resources. The hospital, which has been experiencing oxygen deprivation since the second wave of Corona, has begun the process of building an oxygen plant.

As the bids for the plant to be built with the investment of the federal government have been finalized, the only thing left to do is to reach an agreement. About 150 oxygen cylinders have also been procured, said Chairman Rana Magar. He said that the hospital should be kept in a state of readiness for any future situation.

Antigen testing is now being conducted in villages to break the cycle of infection. Due to which the scope of testing has also increased. According to the health office, the number of active infected people in the district is around one thousand. More than 900 infected people are in isolation.

Only infected people come to the hospital with symptoms and health problems. Most of those who come to the hospital are cured by simple treatment. If the patient’s condition becomes serious due to respiratory problems, it is treated by putting him in ICU and ventilator. So far, more than 4,000 Corona infections have been confirmed here. At least 46 people have been killed due to Corona Virus here.


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