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The United States will distribute 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccine from August

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WASHINGTON: JUNE 10 – The United States has said it will begin distributing Pfizer’s 500 million doses of the vaccine to 92 countries from August. According to the White House, President Joe Biden has announced that he will purchase and distribute Pfizer vaccines to low-income and 92 African countries.

The White House says the historic campaign will help fight the Corona Virus epidemic. The vaccine will be shipped to different countries from August 2021. By the end of this year, 200 million doses of the vaccine will be distributed, and the remaining 300 million doses will be delivered within the first six months of 2022, the White House said in a statement.

The United States has already announced that it will distribute at least 80 million doses of the vaccine, which it plans to distribute within a month. This is the first time that any country has announced that it will make the COVID-19 vaccine available at such a high rate.

Of the 80 million doses of vaccines that the United States has already announced, about 75 percent will be delivered through Covax, while 25 percent of the vaccines will be distributed to countries that are in urgent need and more infected. About 19 million doses of the vaccine will be given to Covax.

About 6 million doses of the vaccine will be given to South and Central American countries. -ANI


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