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‘Black fungus’ found in 10 people in Nepal, how to recognize, how to survive?

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KATHMANDU: JUNE 4 – So far, 10 people have been found infected with black fungus in different places in Nepal. Patients of black fungus were found at Tribhuvan Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, Bir Hospital and Norvic Hospital, Bheri Hospital in Banke and Narayani Hospital in Birgunj.

According to Dr. Krishna Poudel, ministry spokesperson, the disease is not contagious like the Corona Virus and appears to be a problem in people with very weak bodies. He urged the hospitals to be aware of such cases, saying that the infection was on the rise.


  • Pain around face, mouth, nose, eyes,
  • Swelling of eyes and nose,
  • Redness or pain,
  • Darkening of the skin around the nose,
  • Bleeding,
  • Thick mucus,
  • Fever,
  • Toothache or shaking.

High risk

  • People who have used steroids during Covid-19 treatment,
  • People in the age group of 45 to 65 years,
  • Those who use antibiotics or other drugs indiscriminately without a doctor’s advice,
  • People with diabetes or weakened immune system.

Survival measures

  • Use clean and dry masks, do not reuse disposable masks,
  • Wash hands regularly or use sanitizer,
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene,
  • Use disposable gloves when working outdoors or in the garbage
  • Rinse nose with salt water,
  • Rinsing the throat and mouth with a liquid containing povidone iodine,
  • Patients with diabetes to control sugar,
  • Use medicine only on the advice of a health workers.

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