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This is a unique person who eats 2.5 kg of chillies every day

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KATHMANDU: THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 2021 –There are many unique talents in the world. These people have amazed the world by doing strange things. Many have even set world records for their work.

One such person who has stunned the world with his actions. There are also people in China who eat 2.5 kg of chillies daily.

This man eats 2.5kg of chili peppers EVERY DAY - and he's become a local  hero - Mirror Online

You may not believe it, but Li Yongzhi eats two and a half kilos of chillies every day. He is also known as the Chili King. Eating chillies daily, he has also planted eight types of chilli plants in the backyard. He does not shed tears even after eating chillies. He has been saying that he cannot live without chillies. No matter how much chili he eats, it does not affect his body.

He doesn’t get up in the morning to brush, he eats chili. Peppers are used to clean teeth. “My son had an accident with a truck 10 years ago,” he said in an interview. He had gone to the hospital that day after eating chillies in a bowl. ‘