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A woman with four legs lived for 60 years

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KATHMANDU: TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2021 – Have you ever seen or heard human having four legs? Certainly not. But there was one woman in the world who had four legs.

A woman born in 1868 in Tennessee, USA, had four legs. Myrtle Corbin lived for 60 years.

According to the doctor, Myrtle had two right legs. But the other two legs were very weak. She did her regular work with strong legs. She had no problem in walking. But wherever she went, there were crowds of people watching her.

Myrtle was very popular because of her four legs. She even won many awards. Not only that, when she was 13 years old, a book based on her biography was also written. The book, entitled Biography of Myrtle Corbin, was well received.

Myrtle married James Clinton Bicknell at the age of 19. She had four daughters and a son. Mitral finally died in 1928 at the age of 60.