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Nepali Civil Society Appeal to Myanmar Army – Stop Civilian Killing

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KATHMANDU: TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2021 – Nepali civil society has appealed to the Myanmar army to stop killing civilians. Twelve civil society leaders issued a statement on Sunday urging the army to stop killing civilians. A statement issued by the leaders, including Kanak Mani Dixit, said that the Nepali government should also oppose the Myanmar army’s move.

According to Dixit, the statement also called for international action. “We, the 12 Nepali civil society groups, have issued a statement,” Dixit told Makalu Khabar. “We are in favor of stopping such killings and violence.”
The statement added that the Myanmar army should immediately hand over power to a popularly elected government and adhere to the basic values ​​of the 2008 constitution.

Along with Dixit, Bipin Adhikari, Renu Adhikari, Rem Vishwakarma, Dambar Chemjong, Rajendra Dahal, Kool Chandra Gautam, Jay Prakash Gupta, Arjun Karki, Rameshwar Khanal, Mahesh Maskey and Sushil Pyakurel are among those who have issued the statement.

So far, hundreds of civilians have been killed in Myanmar. The military took control of Myanmar on Magh 11.

After ruling for 50 years, Myanmar’s military handed over power to civilians in 2011. But less than 10 years after that, the regime has been assassinated again and a state of emergency has been declared for one year.

Such a move by the military in Myanmar has provoked widespread protests and criticism from other countries as well. Civil disobedience has begun in Myanmar against the recent military coup.