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Why do lawyers wear black coats and white shirts?

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KATHMANDU: You’ve always seen lawyers wearing black coats and white shirts. But why do lawyers wear black coats and white shirts? You may not have thought of that.

Advocacy was started by Edward III in 1327. At that time, the dress code of the judge was made. The judge wore a wig with hair on his head.

At that time, the lawyer was divided into four parts. Including students, pleaders, benches and barristers. All of these judges were welcomed.

In the early days, red and gold colored cloth was used in court. Then, in 1637, by changing the attire of the lawyer, the council introduced a rule which was brought to dress in accordance with the people

Then the lawyer started wearing a long gown. At that time, this dress made the lawyer different from other people.

In 1994, Queen Mary of the United Kingdom died. King Williams then ordered all judges and lawyers to appear in public in black gowns to mourn.

Since then, lawyers still wear such clothes. Today, the black coat has become the identity of the lawyer.

The 1961 Act made it mandatory in court to wear a black coat with a white band tie. This is said to bring discipline in lawyers.