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Sprite’s campaign ‘Refresh Max, Mobile Time Chilks’

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Kathmandu. Coca-Cola’s popular lemon-lime drink Sprite has launched a new campaign called ‘Refresh Max, Mobile Time Chilks’. The company said that the aim of the campaign is to help the general consumers to spend their time at home in a simple way with complete freshness.

Under the campaign, an advertisement will be played on the mobile with many notifications and the message and acting of the actor giving the message in the advertisement will help the consumers to stay refreshed with Sprite.

The company says the campaign focuses on how to deal with the hassle of trying to relax with a smart phone. The aim of the campaign is to find out how to get rid of the annoyances caused by various notifications on mobile phones, mobile buzzing with popups, messages from friends and family, emails, mobile updates and various social upheavals.

The cool, crisp and lemon-lime flavor of Sprite will help you get maximum refreshment and relieve stress, said Ambuj Singh, Country Director, Coca-Cola Nepal.